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Eat Delicious Healthy Desserts: Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free Desserts

Healthy Italian Desserts Made Simple

A Stunning Recipe Book with over 75
Sugar & Gluten Free Recipes!!


What’s inside the eBook?

This eBook is a comprehensive, simple and delicious cookbook that will help you lose weight, satisfy your sweet tooth and create a long term sustainable diet.

This eBook features:

  • 75 RECIPES all sugar, gluten and dairy free
  • 226 PAGES, beautifully designed and packed with mouthwatering photos
  • 4 COMPLETE CHAPTERS to satisfy every craving: “Cakes & Pies”, “Breakfast Time!”, “Cookies & Pastries”, “Chilled Delights”
  • 3 DETAILED HOW TO GUIDES: “Your New Pantry”, “How to Sugar Detox”, “DIY Tutorial”
  • YOUR NEW PANTRY: Everything you need to fill your cabinets with to make sure that your recipes come out perfect each and every time.
  • HOW TO SUGAR DETOX: Remove the processed sugar and transform your body while learning the healthy alternatives that will give your desserts all the sweetness you love.
  • DIY TUTORIAL: Discover my best secrets and the staples of a healthy, indulgent diet in this easy to follow and fun guide.
  • ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Suitable for those with food allergies and diabetics.
  • A GOOD TIME: You’ll have more fun than ever in the kitchen with these easy to follow recipes while restoring your health and body.
 No Counting Calories
 Craving Satisfaction
 Extremely Low Fat
 NO Sugar
 NO Gluten
 NO Dairy
 Nothing processed

Eat delicious, healthy desserts!

Click Below for a Sneak Peak on What’s Inside!

Cakes & Pies

For those who like to bake and cannot give up the sensation of having their house infused with an inebriating smell of vanilla and marmalade.. ..Because cutting out a warm slice of heaven out of a freshly baked pie is a pleasure we all deserve!

  • Chocolate & Orange Cake
  • Provencal Upside-Down Apple Cake
  • Summer Fig Crostata
  • Almond Strawberry Pandolce
  • Vegan Bundt Carrot Cake
  • Pistachio & Kabocha Shortbread Pie
  • All-American Blueberry Pie
  • Pomegranate Berry Pastafrolla
  • Sweet Pizza
Free sample recipe

• Vegan Amaretti
• Pear, Saffron & Sweet Wine Bites
• Tuscan Style Gluten Free Cantucci
• Baci di Alassio
• White Chocolate Occhi di Bue
• Cherry & Hazelnut Nests
• Chia & Berry Cups
• Hazelnut Baci di Dama
• Choco Sweet Potato Fries
• Chocolate Stuffed Peaches

Breakfast Time!

For those who want to brighten up their day from the very beginning with delicious, exciting meals.. ..Because starting the day off with a mouthwatering breakfast will make you look forward for the alarm to ring!

• Anise & Cardamom Spiced Oatmeal
• Multi-berry Granola
• Cannoli Pancakes
• Berry Amaranth Porridge
• Mango Walnut Muffins
• Carrot Cake Pancakes
• Quinoa Porridge in Spiced Almond Milk
• Frozen Dandelion Cappuccino

• Vanilla Nicecream with Caramelized Oranges

Free sample recipe

• PBJ Buckwheat Porridge
• Energy Fruit Plate
• Fette Biscottate with Raw Strawberry Jam
• Asia-Pacific Detox Smoothie
• Mango Baked Oatmeal
• Saffron Tapioca Pearls
• Chestnut Crespelle
• Strawberry Nicecream
• Banana Plum Amaranth Porridge

Cookies & Pastries
For those who find themselves craving a little something throughout the day and want a snack, minus the guilt.. ..Because there’s nothing like a little bite of heaven to cheer you up in the afternoon!

• Almond Baci di Dama
• Vegan Madleines
• Blueberry Coconut Scones
• Grape & Cashew Shortbread Flags
• Coco-Chestnut Marbled Muffins
• Sweet Ravioli with a warm Prune Hearth
• Date & Walnut Oat Baskets
• Double ‘Chocolate’ Cupcakes
• Bitter Almond Sun Rays

Free sample recipe

• Vegan Amaretti
• Pear, Saffron & Sweet Wine Bites
• Tuscan Style Gluten Free Cantucci
• Baci di Alassio
• White Chocolate Occhi di Bue
• Cherry & hazelnut nests
• Chia & Berry Cups
• Hazelnut Baci di Dama
• Choco Sweet Potato Fries
• Chocolate Stuffed Peaches

Chilled Delights
For those who want quick and easy recipes that will impress their guests with little preparation.. ..Because one of the best things about making amazing food is sharing it with the people you love.

• Vegan Tiramisù
• Raw Maca Gelato Sandwiches
• Mango Sticky Rice Gelato
• Fruity Frozen Chocolate
• Beet & Cantaloupe Parfait
• Fig & Cherry Banana Ice Cream
• Fig & Limoncello Panna Cotta
• Tropical Medley Millefoglie
• Fruit Summer Rolls
• Seed Nests with Pine Nut Protein Cream

Free sample recipe

• Hawaiian Layered Smoothie Jar
• Mango Yogurt Mousse
• Pesca & Maracuja Budino
• Date & Walnut Gelato
• Mousse Foresta Nera
• Hazelnut & Licorice Banana Gelato
• Avocado & Brown Rice Parfait
• Spicy Chocolate Gelato with Pear Chips
• Raw Pistachio Gelato Sandwiches

Do It Yourself Tutorials
In a healthy kitchen there are as few processed ingredients as possible. Learning how to make your own sweeteners and plant based milks will save you money and will keep you pantry 100% natural and clean.

HOW TO: make Date Syrup
HOW TO: make Plant Based Milk
HOW TO: make Chia Yogurt
HOW TO: make Carob Nutella
HOW TO: make Perfect Banana Ice Cream

Your New Pantry
Your journey to a new you starts in the pantry. Load it with healthy, nutritious and plant based food and discover your newfound passion for healthy baking!

The 12 ingredients YOU SHOULD fill your pantry with!

• Dates
• Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Gluten Free Flours
• Green Stevia
• Maca Powder
• Raw Nuts & Nut Butters
• Thai Young Coconut
• Coconut Sugar
• Carob
• Chestnut Flour
• Dark Rum

The 8 ingredients NOT to use and HOW to AVOID them!

• Canola Oil
• Genetically Modified Food
• Gluten
• Margarine
• Processed Food
• Sugars
• Xanthan Gum
• Soy and Corn Products

How To Sugar Detox
All you need to know to completely detoxify from sugar… while eating amazing dessert!!

• Why Sugar Is Bad For You
• How To Ditch Sugar In 5 Steps

Indulge In the New You!

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