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What Is Little Bites of Beauty?

Little Bites of Beauty is a dairy & gluten free food, lifestyle and travel blog aimed to share the many beautiful sides of life…. one little bite at the time!

From delicious ‘free from’ dishes to handy food guides and dreamy destinations, this blog is a place to indulge with your eyes, dream a little and find out a bit more about what Italian food and culture actually is.

Ambra Torelli Little Bites of Beauty

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Who is Ambra Torelli?

I was born and raised in Italy, in a family of extremely talented cooks that instilled in me the love for food (and cooking) from a very young age.

Former journalist, university professor and Italian Literature PhD, I spent a big chunk of my life researching and writing about all the various aspects of travel literature and writing.

After academic engagements in both Italy and the US, I decided to change my life completely and experience first-hand the travel matters I used to write about.

Ambra Torelly flying traveling
Ambra Torelli Little Bites of Beauty

I wanted a job that allowed me to be free from a physical location, explore the world, and follow my husband’s crazy poker adventures (yes, I married a Californian pro poker player). Back in 2012, Alec Torelli and I decided to learn digital marketing together and to open our own company, one that we could manage from wherever we decided to travel to!

Since then, we visited over 20 countries together, lived in South East Asia for three years, and after working in the affiliate marketing niche, we now manage our own brands, run the poker training site Conscious Poker, and consult with others on how to grow their brands and businesses.

Currently we divide our time in between the US, Italy… and everywhere in between!

Ambra's Food

Growing up in the countryside of Italy, and with parents who love food so much they opened a food blog themselves, Pentole e Fornelli, I learned to always treat food with the respect and reverence it deserves. Local, healthy and natural ingredients were the only ones allowed on my family table, where everything was made from scratch and with loads of fresh vegetables and whole foods.

This instilled in me a profound passion for Italian food, which I further pursued by studying at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy (one of the most fun classes I have ever taken) and by interning at a gelateria!

The recipes you’ll find on this website are an expression of my love for Italian food combined with all the wonderful culinary influences I absorbed from the places I traveled to and where I had the chance to interview some of the most talented Chefs.

Ambra Torelli Little Bites of Beauty

Why Dairy & Gluten Free?

Ambra Torelli Little Bites of Beauty

After discovering that a dairy and gluten intolerance was one of the causes of some autoimmune issues I had been going through, I decided to adjust my diet and lifestyle to see if I could improve my symptoms naturally.

Wondering what autoimmune disease has to do with food? Read this page where I explain it all, but for now, know that by removing gluten and dairy from my diet and following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) I saw incredible results, which inspired me to become a resource to help others along their healing journey.

On Little Bites of Beauty, I develop recipes in an effort to rewrite all of my favorite dishes in a healthy and allergy free version. Here, you’ll find loads of fun dishes that are ALWAYS gluten, sugar and dairy free, and often free from grains and other potential allergens or compliant with the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

And because life wouldn’t be as fun without a little adventure, I also like to share travel tips and resources on how to thrive on a restrictive diet while still exploring the world without limitations.

I am here to share my journey with you! Sit back and enjoy!!

Ambra Torelli Traveler

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