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What is Little Bites of Beauty?

Little Bites of Beauty is a space designed for health conscious, motivated women who are determined to take control of their health in a natural way.

Since you stumbled upon a Gluten Free, Paleo and Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) website, chances are you’ve been struggling with gluten intolerance, celiac, food allergies or, most likely, have been diagnosed with an auto immune disease.

If you are fed up with the ‘one directional’ approach of traditional doctors whose only answer is what new pill you should buy, you are ready to make natural living a long term commitment.

Whether you want to turn off inflammation, boost your immune system, feel stronger, improve digestion, have clearer skin or increase mental clarity, this place is for you!

A gut healing diet, rest and reduced stress are the 3 pillars of your natural healing process, and are by far the most powerful natural medicine treatment for autoimmune disorders.

And because I tried this approach myself and reaped the incredible benefits of it, I am committed to show you how to embrace this lifestyle into your daily routine and make a long lasting change.

Helping Women on Special Diets Live an Awesome Life

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Who is Ambra Torelli?

I was born and raised in Italy, in a family of extremely talented cooks, who founded of one of the most successful Italian food blogs.

During my adolescence, I started developing hypothyroidism and leaky gut issues. It took me a few years (+ a lot of research + trial and error) to understand that diet had a lot to do with it!

Thanks to functional medicine, I discovered that I am dairy intolerant and I have Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and that, by adjusting my diet and lifestyle, I could dramatically improve my situation.

Ambra About Page

After testing literally every style of diet imaginable, I landed on the Auto Immune Protocol (AIP), and when I saw the results, I was inspired to be a resource and help others along their journey.

Eating and cooking good food, even while being on a restrictive diet, is one of the things I am most passionate about! And did I mention I love to bake?!

I’m honored to be able to share with you some of my favorite Italian dishes recreated in their AIP version!

Ambra’s Food

Ambra Cover for Sparklast

Growing up in the countryside of Italy, I learned to always treat food with the respect and reverence it deserves. Local, fresh, natural ingredients were the only ones allowed on my family table, where everything was made from scratch.

Refined sugar, saturated fats and fried food were replaced with loads of garden vegetables, healthy fats and whole foods.

After cultivating my love for food through my family teachings, I pursued my passion by studying at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna. It was there that I learned the secrets to make the world’s best gelato, and I became the pen behind the column “The Gelato Diaries” for the international food magazine “Honest Cooking”.

Why Allergy Free?

Ambra 14Suffering from several food intolerances myself, I like to share tricks and tips on how to thrive on a restrictive diet while still enjoying amazingly tasty food.

I develop recipes in the effort to rewrite all of my favorite dishes in a healthy and allergy free version.

Here you’ll find loads of recipes that are ALWAYS gluten, sugar and dairy free, and many times suitable for those who are following a paleo, AIP, grain or nut free diet.

Ambra’s Travels

Former journalist, university professor and Travel Literature PhD, I spent a big chunk of my life researching and writing about all the various aspects of travel writing.

On this blog, I like to combine my passion for healthy food with traveling, and I share the adventures I collect around the world with my husband Alec Torelli, and show how I stay healthy on the road enjoying some of the most amazing allergy-free foods.

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Affiliate Disclosure

Throughout this site you may find links to products that I use or enjoy. That means if you decide to buy it, I may receive a small commission. Your price stays the same and your purchase supports this blog at the same time. I only choose affiliates I believe in and only recommend products I would buy myself. Thank you for your support!
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