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AIP Breakfast Plan

The 10 Day AIP Breakfast Plan

A Simple GUIDE to Eating Breakfast on the Auto Immune Protocol

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What Else Is In The E-Book:

This quick guide gives you ideas on how to replace your usual breakfasts and satisfy your cravings with 10 delicious AIP ways to start your day… and a little secret to replace your coffee!

Easy to Follow

Ten simple breakfast templates that cater to all of your different needs and cravings of the day.

Real Care

Hand selected with love, each of the 10 breakfasts represents one of my actual morning meals.

Certified Italian

Inspired by Italian creativity and passion for food, breakfast will be your new favorite meal.


About the Author
Born and raised in Italy, Ambra believes that eating and cooking good food, even on a restricted diet, is one of the greatest pleasures of life. She’s the founder of “Little Bites of Beauty” and the author of The AIP Italian Cookbook.

Ambra Torelli
Founder of


“Ambra’s ebook is feeding my creativity and making new ideas soar in my mind. That is the mark of a good writer and a talented chef. Her ebook is a must for people who are on a restrictive diet but still want to have delicate and top notched dishes.”

Sylph Hemery

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