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AIP Christmas Recipe Party

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AIP Christmas Recipe Party

With so many wonderful allergy free bloggers out there, I decided to throw on an AIP Christmas Recipe Party to provide you all with the most amazing dishes and create a delicious and satisfying Holiday Menu!!

I will start by sharing two of my favorite festive AIP recipes: my AIP Pumpkin Pie and my AIP Root Vegetable Salad. (I created these for Thanksgiving, but hey, aren’t they perfect for the Christmas table as well?! 😉


Especially during the Holidays, it’s not easy for the folks who are following the Autoimmune Protocol and trying to heal from an autoimmune disease to eat well with all the food restrictions they must comply with.

But with the contribution of all the fantastic bloggers out there, we can transform this challenge into a delicious feast!!

On the photo below you see some of the most viewed recipes, as well as a couple of my personal favorites… but wait until you scroll all the way down and browse through all the delicious entries!

Get inspired and find your own favorite to celebrate the holidays with some amazing AIP Christmas Recipes!


The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination diet, created to help people with autoimmune disease to identify those food intolerances that be triggering an autoimmune response as they can be responsible of provoking leaky gut.

For an initial period of minimum 30 days, one has to avoid:

Grains – Dairy – Eggs – Nuts and Seeds – Legumes (including green beans and peas) – Nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, potatoes, goji berries) – Fruit and Seed Based Spices – Processed Foods and Food Additives – Refined Sugars

For more info, check out the one and only Dr. Sarah Ballantyne aka The Paleo Mom!

AIP Christmas Recipe Party:

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Here's how the party works:

  1. The “AIP Christmas Recipe Party” will be open until December 23rd, 2016 at 10 am PST. After it closes, I will select and highlight the reader’s favorite (the link with the most clicks) as well as my personal favorite on my blog and social media.
  2. Bloggers can share as many AIP recipes as they like, either new or old from their archives.
  3. To add your recipe, click on the BLUE BUTTON at the end of the post; paste in the URL of the actual recipe rather than your blog’s home page.
  4. Please provide a link back to the Party, by adding a line at the end of your post that says: “This recipe was shared on the Little Bites of Beauty AIP Christmas Recipe Party“.)
  5. Recipes must comply to the Autoimmune Protocol (see box below)
  6. Please post only recipes (not other kinds of articles). This party is all about creating a delicious Holiday Menu!
  7. You are all set! Thanks so much for taking your awesome dished to the party!

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Ambra Torelli
Born and raised in Italy, Ambra visited over 20 countries and now she divides her time in between Italy and the US, where her husband is from and where she moved in 2011 work as university professor of Italian Literature. She writes about food, travel and things that inspire her! more about ambra

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  • Erin December 14, 2016 9:49 am

    This is a fun idea! I’ll be gathering inspiration for our solstice feast next week. Thanks, Ambra! 🙂

    • ambra December 14, 2016 1:10 pm

      Thanks so much for participating Erin! So crazy how many wonderful entries we’ve had already!! This Christmas menu is going to be great!!

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