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AIP Cookbook (NEW)

Prepare Delicious Healing Food
with the "Paleo-AIP Italian Cookbook Bundle"

...and Learn my 10-STEP Process to Save Time in the Kitchen!

Enjoy the Best Paleo-AIP Italian Food!

What's In The Bundle:

  • 80 Mouthwatering Paleo AIP Italian Recipes
  • 160 Updated Beautifully Designed Pages & Photos conveniently assembled in a digital ebook
  • 7 Chapters to satisfy every craving, from Breakfast to Dessert
  • 2 Sections on ” How to Solve the 5 Most Common Paleo AIP Problems” and “The Essence of Italian Cuisine”
  • A detailed PaleoAIP Ingredient GUIDE about the best staples for an autoimmune diet
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS:The 10 Step Guide to Saving Time on the Paleo AIP”with practical examples of what I eat in a day!

All recipes a free from: gluten, dairy, grains, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds, nightshades.

Take a Peak Inside the Bundle:

In "The Paleo AIP Italian Cookbook Bundle"
You Will Learn:

  •  How to cook delicious Paleo-AIP approved dished… for all courses! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sides and Dessert!.
  •  Stop making the same boring food because you don’t have the time to cook diverse Paleo-AIP food
  •  How to spice up your Paleo-AIP diet and not have cook the same meals every time
  • Remove the stress of having to come up with new recipes and simple one of the 80simple recipes Ambra put together!
  • How to make Italian dishes you can share with your non Paleo or AIP family members… without having to cook twice.
  • The principle of “simplicity” that rules Italian cuisine that will make your life in the kitcheneasier
  • Remove the stress of having to come up with new recipes and simple one of the 80simple recipes Ambra put together!
  • How to make Italian dishes you can share with your non Paleo or AIP family members… without having to cook twice.
  • The principle of “simplicity” that rules Italian cuisine that will make your life in the kitcheneasier

What's in the Paleo AIP Italian Cookbook:

See the Table Of Content

Limited Time Bonus:

“The 10 Step Guide to Saving Time on the Paleo-AIP"

This 12 page GUIDE is one my latest creation and it’s a bit crazy I’m including it here for free

This is the most practical guide I’ve created to finally help you not spend hours in the kitchen cooking, and save a LOT of time!

Again, this won't be here for long!
Born and raised in Italy, Ambra believes that eating and cooking good food, even on a restricted diet, is one of the greatest pleasures of life. She’s the founder of “Little Bites of Beauty” and the author of The AIP Italian Cookbook.
Ambra Torelli, Founder of

Featured in:

What People Are Saying About "The Paleo AIP Italian Cookbook":

Are you missing Lasagna, Ravioli, Gnocchi and Tiramisu? Not anymore! Born and raised in Italy, Ambra was the perfect person to re-imagine Italian food for the paleo autoimmune protocol. With over 50 recipes, this is another great international resource for the AIP

Eileen Laird, author of “A Simple Guide to the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol” and host of the “Phoenix Helix Podcast”

What I like the most about the AIP Italian Cookbook? From the get-go, I was excited to discover new AIP recipes I hadn’t been able to enjoy before, such as AIP pasta dishes! Ambra also has a special way to present her food that is very colorful and eye-catching. It is hard to resist her invitation to explore the Italian cuisine of her youth. Her love of life and good food comes through in every page of her cookbook. Thanks to her creativity in the kitchen, Ambra delivers a unique collection of recipes that is beautiful and tempting. If you are looking for something different from your usual fare, you have come to the right place.

Sophie Van Tiggelen, author of “Simple French Paleo” and founder of the blog “A Squirrel in the Kitchen”

In the “AIP Italian Cookbook”, you are getting AIP versions of real Italian dishes. And Ambra doesn’t hold back. There’s Vanilla Rice Pudding (I know, seriously?) and Stuffed Baked Apples. She knows how to make AIP parmesan Cheese, people. AIP PARMESAN CHEESE! There are over 50 AIP compliant recipes in there, and if you are looking for some totally AIP compliant Italian comfort food (aren’t we all) you honestly won’t be disappointed.

Jo Romero, author of “Spice. Over 90 Paleo and AIP Recipes” and founder of the blog “Comfort Bites”

The AIP Italian Cookbook is a game changer for us AIPers! Things you thought you could no longer eat are back on the menu: Pasta? Yes. Pizza? Yes. Quiche? Yes. Cannoli’s? Yes. Tiramisu and Gelato? Yes and yes. The first thing I always do when I get a new cook book is scan through the ingredients to see what recipes I can make with what I already have on hand. I was happy to find that many of the recipes use ingredients that you probably already have in your AIP pantry. I am a huge fan of this cookbook. Who knew Italian AIPers were eating so well? Thanks to Ambra, now we too can eat as well as the Italians! If you are looking to change up your AIP recipe rotation then you need this book in your life.

Meagan Ashley, founder of the blog “It’s All About AIP”

If you’re missing Italian food on AIP (like me) this is the book for you! Each recipe is loaded with flavor! I’m telling you, you don’t need to sacrifice your healing in order to enjoy the foods you’ve been missing.

Rebecca Boucher, founder of the blog “Lichen Paleo, Loving AIP”

“Ambra’s AIP Italian Cookbook is feeding my creativity and making new ideas soar in my mind. That is the mark of a good writer and a talented chef. Her ebook is a must for people who are on a restrictive diet but still want to have delicate and top notched dishes.”

Sylph Hemery, Reader from France

“These recipes are beyond yummy. Ambra’s AIP Lasagna is way better than pasta made lasagna! It’s on high rotation at my house, I even made it for a party and everyone loved it! It’s so nice I no longer have to give up my favorite Italian food to stay on the AIP!”

Lisa Jane, Reader from Australia

Gourmet Food

With restaurant quality meals everyone will love your cooking, and they won’t even know it’s Paleo or AIP.

AIP Approved

All of the recipes were used by the author to improve her own health while on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol.

Certified Italian

The cookbook was created and tested by native Italian Ambra Torelli in her kitchen in Cremona, Italy.

Enjoy Delicious Healing Italian Food!

Some of the recipes contained in the AIP Italian Cookbook ebook are very simple to make, while others are a bit more complex and require you to spend more time in the kitchen, like Lasagna or Cannoli. Like with any gourmet food, you should plan on using these recipes when you really feel like cooking. And trust me, when you are on the AIP and can never get access to a fancy restaurant dinner, you’ll want to dedicate some more time to making delicious food as that is the key to make staying on the protocol easy!.

The secret to Italian cuisine lies in the freshness and simplicity of the ingredients. Make sure you can access good quality produce, meats and fish, and you’ll be already halfway there. The cookbook uses the typical AIP ingredients that replace grains, legumes, dairy etc. In the first chapter, you’ll find specific guides about those, as well as tips and links on where to find them.

No, this is a downloadable e-book, meant to be used on a digital device (phone, tablet, computer).

Unfortunately no. Being a digital product, there is not way for you to return this ECookbook as once you buy it, you have lifetime access to all the content

Yes, the AIP Italian Cookbook is available in two formats: Pdf and Ibooks. The first is accessible from any device, the latter is an interactive format responsive on iPads and Macs.

Upon payment, the download link will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address. Please make sure you update your PayPal e-mail address during checkout if it is not the same as the e-mail address you would like the e-book sent to. If you are having trouble downloading the book on a mobile device, try using a computer instead.

The AIP Italian Cookbook is not specifically coconut-free, but you can replace coconut oil with avocado or olive oil in the desserts or red palm oil, lard, or tallow in the savory ones. As per coconut milk, you can replace it with apple juice in the desserts (unfortunately this won’t work with the recipes for Cannoli, Panna Cotta and Gelato) and replace the coconut milk with bone broth in the savory dishes.

Only 5 out of 52 recipes require cassava or tapioca. I always try to limit these ingredients as I know they can be problematic for some people.

No, the AIP Italian Cookbook is not specifically low FODMAP, even though some of the recipes can be can be adapted pretty easily.