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Author page: ambra

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling (+ 5 Tips for Those on Restricted Diets)

Guides Travel February 10, 2021 2 Comments
After visiting over 20 countries and spending more time in a hotel room than do at home while being on a restricted diet, a guide about How to Eat Healthy While Traveling seems like a pretty important piece of knowledge to share! Especially because, not only have I engineered the best tricks to keep up with my healthy eating habits…

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Grain Free Seafood Pasta (GF, DF, AIP)

Recipes November 9, 2020 5 Comments
Here's how I came up with the recipe for this grain free Seafood Pasta. One of my favorite dishes in Italy is "Pasta alla Pescatora", a delicious spaghetti dish seasoned with different types of seafood simmered in tomato sauce. Unfortunately, I get to enjoy this recipe very rarely, as I tend to avoid nightshades and it's quite hard to find restaurants…

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Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup (GF, DF, Vegan, AIP)

Recipes November 1, 2020 2 Comments
This roasted Kabocha squash soup is the creamiest, most delicious soup you’ll ever try. I promise! In my family, we’ve been making this soup with a type of “zucca mantovana” called Delica (the Italian equivalent of Kabocha) ever since I was little, and can’t think of anything more appropriate than this soup for a cozy Fall night. “Zucca mantovana”, which…

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Italian Apple Strudel (Dairy & Gluten Free)

Recipes October 11, 2020 8 Comments
This gluten free Italian Apple Strudel is the perfect dessert for the Fall. If you are not familiar with it, strudel is a popular pastry that’s traditional of the area around Austria, Bavaria and Northern Italy (particularly in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige). This delicious dessert is made of apples, pine nuts and raisins all folded inside a flakey, paper-thin shortcrust…

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How to Eat on an Italian Schedule

Guides September 11, 2020 4 Comments
“Here’s how to eat on an Italian schedule: we eat colazione (breakfast) as we get up, pranzo (lunch) in between 12.30 and 2 pm, merenda (afternoon snack) in between 4 and 5 pm, and cena (dinner) in between 7 and 8.30 pm…” “Professor”, regularly one of my students would interrupt me. “Here in the United States we were taught that…

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“Polpette” – Tuna & Potato Patties (Dairy & Gluten Free)

Recipes September 1, 2020 1 Comments
"Polpette" is a very popular dish in Italy, but definitely one you won’t find in a restaurant. These earthy tuna and potato patties are a dish people make at home and that is normally consumed as a “secondo”, accompanied by a side of vegetables, like cooked zucchini or spinach. The word “polpette” is usually translated in English as “meatballs”, but…

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Gluten Free Sorghum Tartlets from the Chef at Agrivilla I Pini, Tuscany

Recipes Travel August 24, 2020 2 Comments
The story behind these delicious gluten free sorghum tartlets comes from my encounter with Stefania Polisano, head chef of the beautiful organic resort Agrivilla I Pini, nestled atop the rolling hills of San Gimignano, Tuscany. This place is one of a kind. The founders, Benjamin and Francesca Posch, turned an old Tuscan villa into a very unique hotel that encompasses…

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NOmato Sauce (Nightshade Free Pasta Sauce)

Recipes June 22, 2020 16 Comments
I know is seems impossible to make a marinara sauce without tomatoes... but wait until you try the recipe for my "NOmato Sauce"! This nightshade free pasta sauce is even more delicious than regular tomato sauce as it's a lot creamier, richer and it doesn't leave you with the upsetting sensation that regular tomato sauce provokes in some individuals. Nightshades…

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5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Sugar Cravings

Guides June 17, 2020 4 Comments
Before I start talking about what I did to get rid of sugar cravings, I must make a confession. I’ve always been extremely fond of dessert. Pies, pastries, cakes… I had a real sweet-tooth issue. And when I’d meet those people (rare, but they exist) who said they didn’t like sweets, I used to be so jealous... ‘Wouldn’t it be great…

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