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Autoimmune Diet Essentials. The Complete AIP Food List

Autoimmune Diet Essentials. The Complete AIP Food List

For years I’ve tried to use food as medicine and find an autoimmune diet that could help me manage my autoimmune symptoms. And when I first heard about the Autoimmune Protocol in 2015, I stuck a crystal clear AIP food list on my fridge and I followed it religiously to give myself the best chance to improve.

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The Complete AIP Food List for the Autoimmune Protocol

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I want to be honest, adhering to this AIP food list wasn’t easy. That’s for sure. And it did take time, if that’s what you’re wondering. But eventually, by trusting the process, I started reaping the first results and, as my gut healed and my inflammation levels went down, I started feeling better too!

My skin started to clear out, the terrible stomach bloating I used to suffer from every-single-day went away, and so did my migraines and joint pain.

I hope this AIP food list will help you as much as it helped me, but don’t forget that the paleo autoimmune protocol isn’t just about the diet (!!), so make sure to read this extensive guide I wrote about the AIP.

And if you want more AIP pantry items (packaged foods, baking products, seasonings etc.) check out my page “AIP Diet Grocery List” where I linked all of the compliant brands.

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