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CastelloBanfi Il Borgo, Luxury Retreat in Montalcino Italy

CastelloBanfi Il Borgo, Luxury Retreat in Montalcino Italy

Growing up as a devoted history lover, I have always daydreamed about living in a castle. I used to recreate that magical word in my phantasy, populated with vassals and fortune tellers, with dames and cavaliers.

This summer, my stay at the beautiful Tuscan resort CastelloBanfi Il Borgo in Montalcino, Italy gave me the chance to turn this dream into reality.

Ambra Castello Banfi 2

This beautiful property is set in an ancient stone hamlet that was built in the 1700 sunder the protective walls of the 13th Century Castle “Castelloalle Mura”. What was once used as a dwelling for farmers who toiled with their noble landowners has today been restyled into the luxurious rooms and suites of this jewel of Tuscan hospitality.

Ambra Castello Banfi

While the architectural style remained unchanged and very authentic, the interior was renovated with modern comforts, premium fabrics and exclusive accessories.

Luxury Retreat in Montalcino
Ambra Castello cannon
dream of living in a castle

We were so lucky to stay in one of their exclusive 14 rooms, surrounded by history, vineyards and olive groves.

CastelloBanfiilBorgo is truly a place of peace and serenity.Enjoying breakfast or “aperitivo” at sunset from the infinity pool that over looks immense stretches of Brunello vines is simply good for the soul.

Castello well
Ambra Castello

But wait until you witness the most delectable gastronomic experience at “Taverna”, one of the two epic restaurants on property. That’s the ultimate experience to please all of your senses!

Ambra tee at Castello
Ambra Castello pool
Ambra in a castle

In the next post will show you all the delicious Italian food we got to savor at the castle’s restaurant, but for now enjoy some beautiful photos and the video about this incredible resort!

Ambra in Montalcino Italy
Ambra at Castello
CastelloBanfiIlBorgo pool
CastelloBanfi Il Borgo
CastelloBanfiIlBorgo night

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  • irene August 5, 2016 10:11 pm

    Soo nice ! Smart italians who make old buildings looking better than new,i am excited to see your future traveling videos!

    • ambra August 6, 2016 7:05 pm

      Irene, thanks so much for reading and commenting dear! Can’t wait to share of my travels and yes, definitely it is a great idea to preserve all the historic beauty we have in Italy and make it part of today’s life!!

  • Dominick Boyes August 27, 2016 5:58 am

    Castello Banfi Il Borgo offers a winery and tasting room, a glass museum, a fitness center, a heated infinity pool, and a restaurant serving Tuscan cuisine.

    • ambra August 29, 2016 10:47 am

      Absolutely Dominick! The infinity pool was probably my favorite spot… enjoying aperitivo there at sunset was memorable!!

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