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Cooking Class with Ambra

Virtually join Ambra in her kitchen for
a unique cooking experience!

  • 90 min LIVE & interactive Cooking Class
  • All participants cook together in real time
  • Ask as many questions as you want!
  • Class booklet with recipes and ingredient lists sent to your email
  • Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions
  • Join using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Lifetime access to the video recording
Join Ambra's Virtual Cooking class
Ambra's Cooking Class

During her live interactive online cooking classes, Ambra will join you virtually from her kitchen to show you how easy it is to cook healthy Italian meals that are all gluten and dairy free and always packed with vegetables.

Ambra will teach you how to prepare her recipes by hand and completely from scratch, offering tips, tricks, workarounds and her family’s cooking secrets along the way.

Enjoy an authentic Italian culinary experience with no travel required!


What Are the Benefits of Taking a Live Online Cooking Class?

2020 has put serious restrictions on our ability to travel and explore the world. Taking a live, virtual cooking class with Ambra will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional cooking class from the comfort of your own home.

Because the cooking classes are hosted live over video conference, you can ask Ambra questions, show her how your dish is coming along and even interact with other participants. You can even book your class with friends or coworkers for a much-needed connecting activity or a fun private event.

No matter where you live, joining Ambra’s virtual cooking will allow you to get a taste of Italy and enjoy an exciting virtual social event from the comfort of your home.

Who Is Ambra Torelli?

Born and raised in Italy, Ambra holds an MA and a Phd in Italian Studies; and she taught Italian Literature, Language and Culture at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, with particular emphasis on the cultural aspects of Italian cuisine.

Her platform Little Bites of Beauty sprung from the combination of her studies, her passion for healthy food, and the teachings she absorbed growing up in a family of extremely talented cooks, that instilled in her the love for wholesome, handmade food.

During her cooking classes, Ambra shares her enthusiasm for making everything from scratch using loads of fresh vegetables and whole foods, together with stories and traditions about the Italian culture.


If you get an opportunity to take a cooking class from Ambra, please make sure to take advantage! Ambra is a delight and you learn a ton in a short period of time plus have fun doing it! She has such an amazing insight with herbs and flavors that take food to the next level. Plus, her class was fun and the ingredients were readily available. I hope to take more classes with her in the future.

Kara D., Atlanta, GA

This class is a unique opportunity to cook in a small group with someone from northern Italy. It was amazing to use simple ingredients and herbs I have growing in my backyard, to create delicious flavors. I have many more ideas now! The class was conversational; Ambra answered all questions and gave tips on different recipes and how individuals could modify their dishes for certain diets. It was a fun, casual atmosphere – her family even joined in! Most importantly, her methods were easy to follow and the dishes were absolutely delicious! I’ll be cooking them often for sure.

Maureen L., Boston, MA

It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon! The class size is small so the environment felt personal, and the process casual and friendly… More like cooking with your friends than “getting instruction.” It felt like a visit to Italy! And I enjoyed learning how to cook food in a different way and getting another’s perspective.

Stella S., Upstate New York

The class was so much fun! It was great to have insight to others cooking, like a new way to use color in a drawing in different ways than you normally do. I would have never ever thought to put fresh basil on green beans, what a great marriage! Ambra has a great personality and it was so wonderful to meet her and her family!

Nicole C., Cleveland, OH

Cooking with Ambra was very enjoyable. It was as close to casual cooking with her in her kitchen, as you could get without traveling to Italy. The class was simple and FUN; the food was very tasty and I loved seeing how real Ambra is in the kitchen! (I loved watching her dad cutting onions because they make her cry 😉 That is real!)

Tammy L., Holland, MI

I have had a fun time making easy and delicious food! Ambra gives you everything you need to be prepped beforehand and the class just flows smoothly. It’s easy to ask questions and Ambra gets involved with all her students! She is definitely a ray of sunshine in this world today! Plus you have a fantastic meal to enjoy! Everything was wonderful: I’ve never had fennel before and it’s to die for!

Lisa S.D., Jacksonville Beach, FL

I loved the opportunity to take part in the cooking class. I looked forward to it all week and Ambra absolutely did not disappoint. It has been a highlight of my summer. My belly is full and happy.  I look forward to the next one!! And let’s face it, this is as close as we’re going to get to Italy while the world is turned upside down.

Anita F., Canada

Ambra has an incredible knack for turning simple foods into healthy meals that have distinct Italian flavors. That’s important because her dishes remind me of some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten while visiting Italy. Because she knows what it’s like to live + thrive without gluten + dairy, she’s figured out how to recreate or tweak recipes to make them “safe” yet still incredibly delicious. I learned so much from Ambra about simple cooking (I even send clients to her blog) and I know you will too!

Jennifer Fugo, Clinical nutritionist,

What You Will NOT Learn in This Cooking Class:

Ambra’s virtual cooking class reflects the way she cooks and eats on any given day. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult to make, nothing that requires special chef’s equipment.

All the food is going to be extremely simple and healthy while being deliciously tasty at the same time.

Do NOT join this class if you expect to:

  • Prepare stereotypical dishes of the Italian tradition as seen at Olive Garden
  • Cook with a professional chef who teaches you elaborate techniques
  • Use sophisticated kitchen tools and cooking methods

JOIN this class if:

  • You want to learn how to cook without recipes and make simple meals taste good
  • You want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet and learn how make them taste great
  • You want to experience a healthy version of Italian food and culture
  • You want to gain confidence and be more creative in the kitchen
  • You are running out of ideas, feel bored of always cooking the same dishes
  • You want a variety of exciting healthy recipes that are packed with veggies

Some of the Amazing Food We'll Cook Together:

Book a PRIVATE Cooking Class for your Family, Colleagues or Friends!

Want to STAY CONNECTED with your friends, family members or colleagues during this quarantine?

Virtually travel to Italy with them and take a private cooking class as a way to spend time together, have fun, learn new skills, and make delicious food!

Private cooking classes are ideal for:

  • Birthdays, holidays and special events (to celebrate and stay connected through an intimate & friendly cooking class)
  • Team building and staff appreciation (to keep your team connected and give back to your employees)

Private cooking classes include customized menu, shopping lists and instructions, a 1.5 hour cooking class and a Q&A session with Ambra. Invite up to 25 participants to have the most fun & engaging class possible!

For enquiries, email: [email protected] with the subject “private cooking class”

Ambra's Cooking Class

What Is a Live Cooking Class on Zoom?

Zoom cooking classes are live, interactive cooking classes hosted over a video conferencing software called Zoom (free to download online). You can take a cooking class in the comfort of your kitchen through an interactive, live-streaming virtual platform that will transport you in Ambra’s Italian kitchen.

While you will always see her on the screen, you can decide to interact through whichever option you are most comfortable with: video, audio, and/or chat.