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The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ

The desert is by far one of my favorite landscapes… the silence, the vastness, the extreme conditions to which the autochthonous forms of life managed to adapt simply make it something epic!

Ambra at botanic garden 3

I first fell in love with the desert when I visited Joshua Tree and Palm Springs… but it’s when I drove through Utah that I got hooked completely!

Ambra and cacti
bird Botanical Garden

Alec kept telling me: “wait until you see Arizona… you’ll freak out!” and he was absolutely right! From Sedona and its breathtaking Red Rocks to Phoenix and the Sonoran Desert… I was mesmerized with the beauty of this state and its magical aura!

Ambra Desert Botanical Garden Phoenix

To better familiarize with all the species of plant and animal life that populate this beautiful area of the world, we decided to go explore the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix:a 140 acres area that showcases all the natural beauty of the desert.

Ambra Botanical Garden in Phoenix

We got there late in the afternoon trying to avoid the crazy temperatures of the Arizonan May… but as soon as I got there I wished I had put up with some sweat and spent more time there! 3 hours are definitely not enough!

Ambra at garden
bird at botanical

Hundreds of different types of cacti and succulents (and so many more photos to take!!); several species of birds and other wildlife… and wait until you get to the Butterfly Garden, packed with beautiful native flowers, butterflies and humming birds!! We saw a snake, a roadrunner, a few rabbits and two beautiful families of desert quails and ground squirrels!

cacti at botanical
Ambra desert garden

At the end of our visit, we even got to admire the sun setting behind the hills and painting the sandy ground with the sculptural shadow of the saguaros… just like in a Clint Eastwood movie!!

The only difference is that instead of lighting a fire and preparing our sleeping bags, we drove back to Phoenix and enjoyed our night out!

botanical cacti
birds at botanical

We loved every minute at the Desert Botanical Garden, so if you are ever in Phoenix make sure to check it out!

Desert Botanical Garden
1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Ambra Desert Botanical Garden
Alec Botanical Garden in Phoenix
Ambra at botanical
cacti at garden in Phoenix
Alec Botanical Garden in Phoenix
Ambra Garden Phoenix

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