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Where to Eat Gluten Free in Rome

Where to Eat Gluten Free in Rome

Since you guys loved my guide on where to healthy and gluten free in Milan, here’s a new guide about another major city in Italy: where to eat gluten free in Rome! While in most places, even those who are not labeled as “gluten free”, you can often ask for gluten free pasta or request to be served naturally gluten free foods, some eateries are specialized in cooking for celiacs and have a separate kitchen to avoid cross contamination.

When you see a sticker that says “AIC” on the door, it means that that restaurant has been certified by the “Associazione Italiana Celiachia” (Italian Celiac Association) and therefore, even if you have a very strong gluten allergy, you are safe to dine in that place.

Before you head to the Eternal City, get familiar with how eating gluten free in Italy works by reading my extensive GUIDE on the subject.

Below you’ll find a list of the food spots I personally tried in Rome (or that I was recommended by some of my gluten free friends and Instagram followers).

Gluten Free Pizza and Restaurants in Rome

Mama! Eat

Via di San Cosimato, 7, Rome (Trastevere area)

One of the best gluten free pizza crust I tried! And I loved that, even though I opted for very simple toppings, they were really abundant and flavorful. My gluten free pizza was literally overflowing with prosciutto and zucchini and my gluten free pasta carbonara, which I ordered dairy free, was delicious as well. Despite the absence of cheese, my linguini (cooked perfectly al dente) were very creamy and well seasoned and the overall dish was a great replication of the real thing.

Gluten Free in Rome

Mama Eat! is certified by the AIC (Italian Celiac Association), which guarantees gluten free food is cooked in a separate dedicated gluten free kitchen, and they have a great gluten free menu with lots of pasta, pizza and panini!

Gluten Free in Rome

Voglia di Pizza Gluten Free

Via dei Giubbonari, 33, Rome (Campo de’ Fiori area)

On the paper this place seems like a gluten free heaven, it’s AIC certified and it has a full on gluten free menu. The reality though is that the restaurant is dinky and old, the food average and the staff not very nice. We tried a gluten free pasta, which was really washed off and quit bland, and a very bare pizza capricciosa which had pretty much no seasoning on: 1, and I mean 1, slice of prosciutto, maybe 1 mushroom sliced and a few pretty bad tasting olives. Overall I though it was a waste of calories.

Gluten Free in Rome
Gluten Free in Rome

ÈCru Raw Food & Art Gallery

Via Acciaioli, 13, Rome

This spot is certified gluten free from the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) and serves all food that’s raw, vegan and, of course, gluten free. And here’s another detail I really like: their desserts are only sweetened with dates, agave or coconut sugar.

Gluten Free in Rome

Il Viaggio

Via Isonzo, 14, Rome (Nomentano area)

I have heard many great things about this place from some of my gluten free friends. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to visit, but here celiacs can pick from an impressive list of wheat-less dishes, from starter to dessert, and choose between 3 variegated tasting menus.

Gluten Free in Rome

Pantha Rei

Via della Minerva, 18/19 Rome (Pantheon area)

Another restaurant certified by AIC and that boasts a complete gluten free menu. I have read many enthusiastic things about this place, but didn’t get a chance to try it. If you happen to go, leave your impressions in a comment below.

Gluten Free in Rome

Pizza in Trevi

Via di S. Vincenzo, 30-30A, Rome (Trevi area)

This pizzeria is located in a great spot near the Trevi fountain. Their separate gluten free menu includes appetizers like bruschetta, pizza and dessert.  Some reviews I have read describe as the best gluten free pizza in Rome, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

Gluten Free in Rome

Healthy Restaurants with Gluten & Dairy Free Options

Ginger Sapori e Salute

Via Borgognona 43-46 Roma (Spanish Steps area)

Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55, Roma (Pantheon Area) 

Gourmet healthy food spot with a great ambiance that reminds me of some of my favorite California restaurants.

They have 2 gluten free desserts on the menu, great smoothies and incredible fruit platters as well as acai bowls with granola and fun salads.


Gluten Free in Rome
Gluten Free in Rome

Ciao Checca

Piazza di Firenze, 25-26, Rome (Montecitorio area)

This place was a great find one rainy day when we just felt like eating healthy. They have great vegetable dishes and salads, they can serve gluten free bread and they also have gluten free pasta available. I also loved the cozy interiors, where you can relax and hang out for a few hours. I would go back.

Gluten Free in Rome

Vivi Bistrot

Piazza Navona, 2, 00186 Roma (Piazza Navona area)

This organic and sustainable healthy food spot has various locations scattered around the city. Thy have a juice and salad bar as well as a full on restaurant with some gluten free options (a couple of desserts, like a gluten free vegan carrot cake and gluten free lasagna and eggplant parmigiana). I loved their drinks: golden mylk and ginger shots are not so easy to find in Italy and I loved that they served them!

Gluten Free in Rome
Gluten Free in Rome

100% Bio

Piazza di Porta San Paolo, 6A 00153 – Roma (Piramide area)

For all organic food lovers this place definitely hits the spot. They are not a gluten free restaurant, but if you are craving organic veggies and salads, you can head there and ask them to adjust your order to make it gluten free.

Gluten Free in Rome

Gluten Free Bakeries

Sans de Ble (Bakery)

Via Gabriello Chiabrera, 58, Rome

100% gluten free. An entirely gluten free bakery with sweet treats, freshly made sandwiches and gelato.

Gluten Free in Rome


Via di Torre Argentina, 3, 00186 Rome 

Another 100% gluten free bakery, where you can takeaway or stop for breakfast or lunch. We hung out there from breakfast to lunch time and tried some of their cookies and pies as well as their savory quinoa bowl that was very tasty. I had high hopes about their panettone (a sweet raisin bread) but it was not as good as I expected, probably because it wasn’t super fresh.


Gluten Free in Rome
Gluten Free in Rome

Croquem Bouche

Viale Dell’Arte, 42/44 – 00144 Rome (EUR area)

If the store is as promising as their website, this may well be the best gluten free bakery ever! Amongst their specialties, they list gluten and dairy free croissants and panettone (crazy hard to find free from both allergens). It’s a bit out of the way if you are in the city center, but if you aren’t willing to take the metro to go there, call them and place an order as they can deliver right to your hotel or AirBandB.

Gluten Free in Rome

Universale Caffè

Via delle Coppelle, 16/a (Pantheon area)

In between Piazza navona and the Pantheon, gluten free eaters can consume wheat-less pastries and sweets along with their espresso and exotic teas, and gluten-free appetizers with drinks.

Gluten Free in Rome

I hope you guys found this guide about where to eat gluten free in Rome useful, and if you are know of other gluten free places I forgot to mention, make sure to leave your feedback in a comment below!

Big love from Italy!


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Gluten Free in Rome

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