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Where to Eat Gluten Free in Lisbon

This post may contain affiliate links.
In order to keep this website up and running, my posts may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Sometimes you'll also find sponsored posts, meaning that I may receive monetary compensation or other types or remuneration for products or services I endorse, recommend and/or link to. Trust that I only ever recommend products that I truly love and believe in. Thanks for your support!!
Where to Eat Gluten Free in Lisbon

My trip to Portugal has been quite memorable. I was lucky to have many of my followers based there so I could get the best recommendations for eating paleo and gluten free in Lisbon!

Just like I did for my guide about gluten free in Los Angeles, I combined the places I was suggested with some other ones that I found on my own and I pinned them all on the map I am sharing below, which I simply pulled up on my phone as I was navigating the city to always see what healthy gluten free food options I had around me! Download it on your photo too so you always know where to hop in if you get hungry.

Gluten Free in Lisbon - Little Bites of Beauty
gluten free in Lisbon

In this guide about where to eat paleo and gluten free in Lisbon you’ll find a great selection of places I tried. Some of them I loved, some were a little less inspiring… but I listed them here anyway, hoping you’ll find this honest review helpful to locate the healthiest allergy free spots in the city!

GUIDE: Where to Eat Gluten Free in Lisbon


The Paleo Kitchen

R. Latino Coelho 31, 1050-010 Lisbon

This is by far the best place I tried that was fully gluten free in Lisbon. And in all honesty, it rose up there, right next to some of my all time favorite fully paleo places in the world, like Hu Kitchen in New York and Bulletproof in Santa Monica).

I love the cool and trendy atmosphere, the menu and the preparation of the staff. While talking to Sandra, the owner of the places, we connected on all things paleo and she even told me she was on the paleo autoimmune protocol herself for a few months.

If you are looking for a place that’s fully gluten free and paleo, free from dairy, GMPs and pesticides, this is your spot! I tried the paleo grass fed burger, served with crispy bacon a free range egg, mushrooms and a sweet potato rösti. Just make sure to tell them not to cook it with ghee if you are dairy intolerant like me.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon
Eating gluten free in Lisbon

I also got to try the paleo Bolognese pasta, made with carrot and sweet potato noodles and the awesome grain free desserts sweetened with coconut sugar: the paleo carrot cake and the orange cheesecake were the perfect end to an epic primal meal! I would eat there every single day.

Água No Bico

R. Gaivotas 8, 1200-202 Lisbon

Nice spot if you are in the area and want to eat something quick and healthy. I think that the main problem of this place is that it aims to be too many things: a paleo, vegan, raw and regular restaurant, all at the same time. Even though this place is tagged on social media with all sorts of paleo hashtags, it is not fully paleo and not even fully gluten free.

They do have a lot of gluten free and paleo options though, and to give them credit, they also have a pretty cool selection of grain free desserts, which I did not have a chance to try. I tasted their monkfish in coconut milk and the Portuguese cold seafood salad, with octopus, sardines and shrimp, that also come with a free side of fruit and veggies.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon
Eating gluten free in Lisbon

The outdoor area is truly beautiful and perfect for taking photos. I would come back there to hang out and get a kombucha, but not for a full meal.

Gluten Free Restaurants in Lisbon:

Rice Me

Rua Carlos Testa, 18A Lisbon

I was lucky to meet up in person with the lovely Renata, the owner of Rice Me, a fun restaurant whose main focus is… you guessed it, RICE! Renata is well aware of cross contamination and, even though Rice Me isn’t fully gluten free, their only source of gluten comes from the chorizo sausage used in the Portuguese rice and from the oyster sauce used in the Pad Thai.

Except for that, there’s no wheat flour sitting in the kitchen, and all the dishes on the menu are clearly labelled as gluten free, lactose free, vegan or with whatever other allergens they might contain, such as peanut or soy.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon
Eating gluten free in Lisbon

I loved the delicious rice bread they served as an appetizer, as well my starter: a tasty carrot soup thickened with rice and served with plain “Carolino” rice, typical from the coastal areas of Portugal.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon
Eating gluten free in Lisbon

I also tried the red rice with chickpea curry and some of the rice noodles with veal that my husband got… but my favorite was, of course, Mango & Sticky Rice (you guys know I am obsessed and here you can find my Refined Sugar Free Mango Sticky Rice Recipe). Even though it was different from the original Thai dessert (they made it with sushi rice instead of Thai sticky rice), I really enjoyed the creativity and the addition of a delicious and creamy mango sauce!

La Trattoria

Rua Artilharia 1 79, Lisbon

I read great things about La Trattoria, but since I was visiting Lisbon from my home in Italy, I wasn’t really in the mood for Italian food. However, this restaurant offers a separate gluten free menu (you can read it on their website) and it has a great selection of gluten free dishes: from pasta to risotto, meat, fish and starters. Give it a try it if you crave that type of food and let me know your impression in a comment below.

Open Brasserie Mediterranica

R. de Santa Marta 48, 1150-297 Lisbon

This casual, family-style restaurant is a certified gluten free facility, in which gluten free dishes are prepared in a separate area. It features a specific gluten and lactose free menu and offers gluten free bread as well. They prioritize the use of organic and seasonal ingredients and promote sustainability.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon - LBOB

Gluten Free Bakeries:

Despensa Nº6

Avenida Sacadura Cabral, 6, Lisbon

I loved the concept of a gluten free pastry café that brands itself as “healthy”. Just like all gluten containing grains, artificial ingredients, GMOs, refined oils and sugar are banned from this awesome coffee shop, where all desserts are sweetened with dates and coconut sugar.

Unfortunately, many of their tarts had butter in the crust so I could not try them, but their gluten and dairy free chocolate walnut brownie was to die for: super rich and just with a little touch of sweetness that does not leave you in a sugar coma. I also loved that they make their own coconut milk and I enjoyed my pastry together with a hot chocolate latte, simply made with cacao and homemade coconut milk.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

Another highlight of this place is the gorgeous interior design: I love the neat and clean pastel color furniture, the knowledgeable staff and the overall vibe, that made it a perfect place to hang out all day with your laptop trying, allowing yourself the time to try all the energy balls they have!


Zarzuela, R. Bernardino Costa 21-23, 1200-052 Lisbon

On paper this place is gluten free heaven: it offers gluten and lactose free “pastel de nata” (the infamous Portuguese egg tarts that are sold everywhere in the city), together with many other pastries and desserts. In reality, it was a bit of buzz kill.

The place is not kept up to date with the expectations of the healthy audience it appeals to: the interior is pretty old style and the staff doesn’t feel super committed to the gluten free cause. Of course this could just be my impression, but after I learned that I could not try “pastel de nata” (they weren’t dairy free but only lactose free), I grabbed a gluten and dairy croissant and ate it while continuing my walk through the neighborhood.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon
Eating gluten free in Lisbon

Choco & Mousse

Carlos Fabião Square (corner with Rua Mário Cesariny) Lot 3, Shop 4-B, Lisbon

I was very intrigued by this fully gluten free Hungarian pastry shop which promises to only use fresh fruits and ingredients without additives, dyes or preservatives.

Some their products are also free from refined sugar and lactose, and it really sounded like a great place for foodies looking for sweet that are fully gluten free in Lisbon. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try this one and I am looking forward to hear from you. Leave a comment under this post if you have been to Choco & Mousse.

Healthy Restaurants with Gluten Free Options:


São Nicolau 17, 1100-547 Lisbon

My experience with this place was bittersweet. While the ambiance was lovely (great interior design and charming outdoor sitting) and the food beautifully presented (Instagram style), the service was quite sloppy and not very attentive nor reassuring for those with food allergies.

On my first day there, I ordered a gluten free avocado toast and a coconut matcha latte, which were both really good. When I went inside to pay, my gaze fell on one of the waiters preparing regular avocado toast, dipping the same spoon in the guac container and spreading it over the bread to then dip it back again. Not the best practice to avoid gluten contamination!

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

I was aware that the place is not celiac approved, but a little more care would actually make it worth it for them to offer gluten free options. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Anyway, since the menu was very promising and I was told that the granola was gluten free, I decided to go back the following day to try their “coconut yogurt” bowl with gluten free granola. Only after asking multiple waiters did I realize that the granola wasn’t actually gluten free, and – much worse than that – I was brought a bowl of what I was told was coconut yogurt to then realize at my own expenses that it was actually regular milk Greek yogurt! I dropped the spoon and left. If you happen to go, stick to smoothies, or almond milk lattes.

Ao 26 - Vegan Food Project

Rua Vitor Cordon, 26, 1200-484 Lisbon

This place received amazing reviews for their vegan food offering and I have heard they offer gluten free daily specials. While this is not one of those place that are 100% gluten free in Lisbon, stop by if you feel like getting some veggies in… just remember to ask them to modify your dish to make it gluten free!

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

Ela Canela

Azedo Gneco 74B, 1350-039 Lisbon

I was recommended this place for its seasonal, organic and local food offering. Unfortunately, I was not able to fit a visit into my schedule, but I know they also have gluten free options. If you are in the area, I think it’s worth it to go check it out!

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

Local – Your Healthy Kitchen

R. do Alecrim 70, 1200-015 Lisbon

I love the concept of a healthy restaurant that offers multiple types of food, from vegan dishes to meat, that are all centered around the concept of health. I also like that the menu labelled each item with clear icons that identify all the potential allergens, such as gluten, dairy, etc. I haven’t had a chance to try this one, but it’s definitely on my list for next time.

My Mother’s Daughters

Sazonal Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira 49, Lisbon

There’s a big hype around this organic, plant based café that’s also supposed to have several gluten free options. And from the photos I saw, the ambiance looks beautiful. If you have been, let me know your thoughts on it in a comment below.

Natural Crave

Rua Da Boavista, 1200, Lisbon

This was one place I really wanted to visit as their bowls looked epic and they are clearly labelled with allergens they may contain. Go for lunch if you are in the area!

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

Fauna & Flora

Rua da Esperança 33, 1200-655 Lisbon

The claims of Fauna & Flora are to provide “honest food that’s seasonal, healthy and freshly homemade”, and these premises seem amazing to me. I was recommended to go there for lunch by one of you guys and try one of the gluten free options from their all-day brunch menu. Let me know if you go and what you think of it!

Eating gluten free in Lisbon


Travessa das Pedras Negras, 2, 1100-404 Lisboa

This restaurant was recommended to from the concierge of the Four Seasons Lisbon (where I created an awesome recipe with the chef) for their farm-to-table modern Portuguese cuisine that’s strictly seasonal, organic and with several gluten free options. I can’t wait to try it next time I am back.

Eating gluten free in Lisbon

6 More Tips for Eating Gluten Free in Lisbon:

  1. Just like all the other countries in Southern Europe, Lisbon is a late night dinner place and people start sitting down in restaurants around 8 pm. If you show up early, not only do you beat the crowd, but also you ensure that the kitchen is less messy (hence there’s less risk of cross contamination) and they have more time to customize dishes due to your dietary requirements.
  2. English in Lisbon is widely spoken, but if you happen to have communication troubles, just say “Sin Gluten” or “Sem Gluten” (gluten-free in Portuguese) and they’ll know!
  3. Chorizo (a spicy pork sausage that contains gluten) is widely used in dishes that would otherwise be naturally gluten free, such as “Duck Rice” or in the soup “Caldo Verde”. Make sure to say “no chorizo” as chefs sometimes don’t think about hidden gluten sources like these.
  4. If you want to be uber-sure you don’t get glutened, get an Air B&B and cook at home. There are lots of organic markets, like the Saturday morning farmer’s market in Principe Real, and organic store chains like Celeiro that carries tons of healthy and gluten free packaged foods, as well as amazing dairy free products like my favorite Harvest Moon coconut yogurt! I loved it!
  5. For more information about eating gluten free in Lisbon, check out the guide on the Portuguese Celiac Association website (similar to the Italian AIC), where you can find a printable sheet with the sentences to use in restaurants to explain what gluten free means.
  6. Juice and smoothie bars scattered around the city that can be useful for a naturally gluten free pit-stop. Also, in Portugal fish is a national dish, and sometimes they even have dedicated grills or it. When in doubt about what to order, ask for grilled fish with a side of steamed and fresh veggies and you’ll have a naturally gluten free meal nobody can mess up 😉

I hope you enjoyed this guide about eating gluten free in Lisbon and now I can’t wait to hear from you!! Do you of any other places that are dairy and gluten free and that I missed during my trip?

If yes, let me know in a comment below, and don’t forget to pin this article on your favorite Pinterest board and to share it on your Facebook! 

And for more gluten free city guides, make sure to check out my other posts here!!


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The Ultime Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Lisbon, Portugal

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  • Cate June 17, 2019 7:20 am

    Thank you! I’m planning a trip to Lisbon and will definitely be using your guide!

    • ambra June 17, 2019 2:53 pm

      I am so happy to hear that this post helped you Cate! I hope you’ll enjoy Lisbon as much as I did!!

  • Nancy Noel August 19, 2019 8:33 pm

    Your Information is invaluable to me! We are off on our 1st trip to Europe since I have been unable to eat Gluten and Dairy, and frankly, I was dreading it, as food i so much a part of enjoying other countries! Thanks to this comprehensive guide to some yummy sounding restaurants I can fully enjoy my trip and not feel deprived and starved! Thanks so much!

    • ambra August 21, 2019 3:00 pm

      So happy to hear this post helped Nancy! Thanks so much for the great feedback and I am excited for your European trip!

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