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The Best Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok!

The Best Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok!

As I am browsing on my IPhone to find some authentic (but) gluten free Thai Food in Bangkok, my concierge suggests me to simply walk across the mall connected to the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok and try the amazing food at Erawan Tea Room.

He tells me that the philosophy of the restaurant is to focus on “live cooking” and make everything from scratch; they should definitely able to accommodate any dietary restrictions!

It doesn’t take him too long to convince me: 10 minutes later, I am being seated at one of their impeccable tables, surrounded by shelves of beautiful ceramics and tea sets.

Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok

As I leaf through the pages of the menu, my attention is drawn to the incredible selection of their “wild, sustainable fish”. I soon learn that the Grand Hyatt Erawan is the first 5-star hotel in Bangkok that supports the “Small Fishery Scale”, a sustainable organic seafood project created in 2013 by the “Earth Net Foundation” and that was sponsored by the EU.

Not only is the seafood supplied by responsible small-scale fishermen as an alternative to being provided by big commercial fishing boats, but since “Small Fishery Scale” takes orders by email or phone, the fish is already sold before it’s even caught!

Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok

This allows the suppliers not to add any chemicals nor formalin in the seafood to keep it fresh while it waits for a buyer. In addition, this type of production does not involve destructive fishing methods nor illegal labor or unfair trade, so it’s a win-win.

Chef Ryan Dunn, the Executive Sous Chef of Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok who’s very passionate about sustainability, completely changed menus and suppliers soon after he found out about Small Fishery Scale. And now this

And now this ocean-friendly initiative has become an important part of the Hyatt Thrive project, aimed to give back doing good for the health of their guests, the environment and the community that surrounds them.

Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok

Since seafood definitely seems the best thing to get here, I select a delicious Thai dinner made of wild ocean trout soup in coconut milk, red snapper roasted in pandan leaves, green curry with coconut flavored rice, and a seafood Pad Thai, egg wrapped rice noodles sautéed with shrimp… All of which is custom made with no gluten nor dairy!

What an incredible diversity of zests and aromas!! Every single dish is a completely different world of taste, and the individuality of each ingredient comes out distinctively, creating a perfect harmony of flavors.

Recipe Development with the with the Chef of Erawan Tea Room, Bangkok
Gluten Free Luxury Hotel in Bangkok

When Sous Chef Savimol Peansompol, who took care of my entire meal, brings her Pad Thai to the table, I need to compliment her about some of the most amazing Thai food I have ever tried.

She smiles. “The Tea Room is my second home, she tells me – I started cooking here ten years ago and now I dream of seeing this place honored with a Michelin Star.”

Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok

After eating here, I understand that this dream is very likely to become a reality.

The touch of sophistication that comes along with any dish created in a five-star property doesn’t take away from these traditional dishes from being real and down to earth, the most quintessential attributes of Thai food.

Gluten Free Luxury Hotel in Bangkok

The Thai food culture is so prevalent here at the Tea Room that even a common Asian ritual like High Tea is offered in its Thai version.

Pandan Leaf iced tea and Butterfly Pea infusions are served along with typical Thai dishes turned into aesthetic finger food and presented over the prettiest ceramic tier stands. And, as you might have guessed by now, they can even tailor these little delicacies to suit those with food intolerances or gluten allergies.

I really think I found some of the best gluten free Thai Food in Bangkok! I ended up eating at Erawan Tea Room twice and I already can’t wait to go back… Make sure to check out this place if you are ever in the capital of this beautiful country!

Big love!!    Ambra

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The Best Gluten Free Thai Food in Bangkok

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  • Sylph April 22, 2017 2:28 pm

    What an incredible culinary discovery! That dragon dish was so unique. I loved the video. They are certainly on the road to getting that star! You are going to be full of recipe ideas after this trip,Ambra!

    • ambra April 22, 2017 8:19 pm

      Thanks sweet friend!! I am so happy to read your lovely feedback all the time!! Thanks for following along my journey and I hope you can visit too one day!

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