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Gluten Free Tiramisu With Ladyfingers

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Gluten Free Tiramisu With Ladyfingers

What better dessert to celebrate spring that a gluten free tiramisu with Ladyfingers (sponge cookies that in Italian are called “Savoiardi”), a delicious dairy free “mascarpone” cream and a hint of coffee that creates the most amazing contrast of flavors?

Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers

Not always does ‘indulgent’ translate to heavy, unhealthy foods. By combining raw nuts, vanilla beans, fragrant orange zest and toothsome dates, you won’t miss any of the white sugar, mascarpone cheese nor raw yolks which load the traditional tiramisú with tons of unhealthy fats and triglycerides.

Go ahead and try this recipe: I tested it out on my family and – I can assure you – it’s ‘Italian proof’!

Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers

Soaked nuts, once blended and creamed, create a buttery consistency that’s 10 times better then any mascarpone cream! And when cream and coffee soak into the delicious gluten free ladyfingers made by Schar, every bite of this Tiramisu will make you feel in heaven!!

Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers
Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers

When I spotted my favorite Italian gluten free brand, Schar, in a grocery store in Los Angeles, I couldn’t be any happier!!

Yay!! They finally got here!!”, I giggled. Considering that the main factory is very close to my house in the north of Italy, they went a long way!!

I immediately stocked up with ladyfingers (tiramisu was already in the air), breakfast cookies and even a loaf of my favorite gluten and dairy free bread. And now that Schar products are finally in the US you guys need to try them too and see what I mean what I tell Italians rock when it comes to gluten free food!!

Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers

In Italy, ladyfingers (or “savoiardi”) are the official cookies for tiramisu, so much that, even in a country when 90% of the people cook everything from scratch, when it comes to tiramisu, the cookies are always store bought while the cream is home made.

And I can assure, it won’t be easy for you to get your hands on a family recipe for mascarpone cream. People are extremely jealous of their cooking secrets, even more so when tiramisu is involved.

Well, with this post I get you covered with both: the most amazing gluten free ladyfingers and a delicious faux mascarpone cream that tastes super indulgent but it’s much healthier than the original!!

Gluten Free Tiramisu With Ladyfingers

Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers





No. of


For the Cookie Layer:

For the Dairy Free “Mascarpone” Cream:

  • 100 gr Raw Cashew Nuts, soaked overnight
  • 400 gr Organic Silken Tofu (the soft type)
  • 1 tap Vanilla Extract
  • Zest of 1/2 an Orange
  • 80 ml Coconut Milk
  • 4 Medjool Dates
  • 20 gr Coconut Sugar
  • Colorings: 1/8 tsp Saffron or Turmeric

For the Coffee Infusion:

  • 1 shot of Espresso (OR 2 tbsp Soluble Dandelion Coffee)
  • 100 ml lukewarm Water
  • 50 ml lukewarm Coconut Milk
  • 1 tbsp raw Cacao to decorate
  1. To prepare the the cream, simply blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender until you get a perfectly smooth and firm consistency. If you use firm tofu (instead of the soft type) you’ll need a little more coconut milk.
  2. Prepare the coffee infusion by warming up water and plant based milk, and combining them in a soup dish with the shot of espresso or the soluble dandelion coffee. Mix well.
  3. Cover a cake pan (or even in a circular glass container) with Seran wrap. The one I used has a 6″ diameter and a 3″ high border.
  4. Quickly dip the ladyfingers on both sides in the coffee mixture. Make sure they are not too soggy nor too dry: the coffee has to infuse the whole cookie but not to make it become mushy. Place the coffee dipped ladyfingers on the bottom of the pan (cut the edges of the ones that don’t fit), and layer them with cream.
  5. Infuse with coffee another layer of ladyfingers and repeat this operation until you reach the top of your pan. You should have about 1/2 of the cream and the cookies left.
  6. Refrigerate your tiramisu for about 5 hours, flip it in a serving platter and gently peel off the Seran wrap.
  7. Spread the remaining cream on top and all around your tiramisu and stick the remaining ladyfingers around the border like you see in the photos, cutting one of the edges so that their height doesn’t exceed the heigh of the tiramisu cake.
  8. Sift some raw cacao on top, refrigerate overnight and you are ready to serve your gluten free Tiramisu!
Gluten Free Tiramisu with Ladyfingers

Isn’t this recipe perfect for Easter? Let me know when you decide to give it a try and if you do any modifications. I always love to learn from you!!

As always, you find the pinnable infographic at the bottom of the post, so that you can easily save it in your boards!!

And if you want to check out my other tiramisu recipe and lots of other healthy Italian desserts all free from gluten and dairy, make sure you take a look at my first Cookbook!


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Ambra Torelli
Born and raised in Italy, Ambra visited over 20 countries and now she divides her time in between Italy and the US, where her husband is from and where she moved in 2011 work as university professor of Italian Literature. She writes about food, travel and things that inspire her! more about ambra

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  • Ashley Collins April 11, 2017 12:04 pm

    This looks so delicious Ambra! One of my favourite dishes pre gluten/dairy free. I hope to make your version soon!

    • ambra April 14, 2017 2:24 am

      Aww, thanks so much Ashley! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!! <3

  • Foxy May 6, 2017 8:44 am

    This looks great! Thank your for sharing this.

    • ambra May 7, 2017 1:22 am

      Thanks so much for taking the time to say that Foxy! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

  • Paul December 25, 2018 3:47 pm

    Which grocery store did you get your Schar Ladyfingers from? I’ve been looking everywhere!

    • ambra December 26, 2018 6:48 am

      I Paul, I think I found them at Albertsons. Try and check on their website. They should have a store locator.

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