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How Plant Based Skin Care Helped Me Get My Glow Back!

This post may contain affiliate links.
In order to keep this website up and running, my posts may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage at no additional cost to you. Sometimes you'll also find sponsored posts, meaning that I may receive monetary compensation or other types or remuneration for products or services I endorse, recommend and/or link to. Trust that I only ever recommend products that I truly love and believe in. Thanks for your support!!
How Plant Based Skin Care Helped Me Get My Glow Back!

This summer has been pretty tough for my skin: in between the crazy hot weather (hence a lot of sun), the air conditioned always on (hence drier skin), and the stress combined with very little sleep from working on a lot of projects (hence dull and baggy eyes)… my skin looked anything but radiant and glowing. I tried to go back to my plant based skin care home-remedies: I rubbed my face with papaya peel, applied honey and cinnamon masks, used an ice compress, and drank a lot of detox water…

Still, I needed a REAL boost!

How plant based skin care helped me get my glow back! - Bio Extracts Creams

The day I met Irina Fedotova, the founder of Bio Extract, I was at the bottom low in my complexion look. We were introduced by a common friend of ours, the lovely Sofia from Mealz, and we started sharing our common passion for skin care and natural beauty remedies.

Irina, who holds a Bioscience degree from University College London, combined her scientific knowledge with her mom Marina’s expertise on skincare (which must be pretty impressive since she’s the founder of the cosmetic line “Nubo”), and they came up with a brand new plant based skin care line!

How plant based skin care helped me get my glow back - Bio Extracts

All of the products included in the Bio Extract collection were created under the principle that powerful plant extracts and oils derived from flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, roots and berries, when harnessed with the latest biotechnology techniques, can do wonders for our skin.

On a mission to find and source the best ingredients from all over the world, Irina and Marina started traveling: from Sub-Saharan Africa, to South America and Asia, where they got to interact with various tribes, and learn their way to preserve beauty through natural sources and remedies.

They watched them adding water to a certain plant to create a soap-like solution, crush combinations of plants together to make ointments and concoctions, and then they took this ancestral knowledge back to the lab in London, developing the best techniques for maximizing the effectiveness of the active fractions of the plants and securing optimum concentration and stability of the active molecules in order to help your skin achieve optimum results.

I was so enthralled to learn all about their venture (and a little bit jealous too… wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to do something like this?!) that I couldn’t wait to put my hands on this newborn plant based skin care line.

How plant based skin care helped me get my glow back with Bio Extracts

As I explained my main areas of concern to Irina, she was able to put together the perfect package to help me get my glow back, all wrapped in two beautiful vanity bags containing serum boosts and creams.

Each Bio Extracts Boost, packaged in cute syringe-shaped vials that measure the perfect dollop of product your skin needs, is a super-charged serum with exceptionally high concentration of active plant molecules. And thanks to the phospholipid delivery system that Irina arranged, each Boost ensures that the serum with active ingredients instantly absorbs into the skin.

As per the creams and moisturizers, they owe their strength and efficacy to their Lammellar System and natural ‘liquid crystals’, pure botanical molecules formulated to imitate the structure of our skin that penetrate into our areas of concern and lock in hydration.

What’s in my Plant Based Eye Care Vanity Bag:


  • Lift and firm the eye contour and brighten the whole eye area.
  • Keep the eye area perfectly hydrated.
  • Help reduce dark circles around the eye area.


  • One plant based eye cream that’s suitable for both day and night.
  • It acts almost like a hydration “patch” on the skin, restoring its barrier function and preventing trans-epidermal water-loss.


  • Eye Contour Age Defying Cream is developed according to the Multi-Lamellar System, the most effective way to deliver actives to the skin as they mimic the actual structure of its outer layers.


A combination of fatty acids from highly purified rapeseed and coconut oils and a molecule of sucrose from sugar cane. This combination creates a unique structure, very similar to the natural layers of the skin.


  • Boost skin’s elasticity and firmness to give a more plumped up appearance.


  • It increases collagen production and gives you a more lifted skin around the eye contour.


  • Thanks to the phospholipids-based delivery system, the Bio-Extracts’ actives contained in this serum penetrate deeper into the skin layers.


  • Snake Flower, a unique aloe-like succulent plant often called the ‘jelly plant’, which has shown to stimulate collagen synthesis within the skin, working as a collagen booster.
Eye-Contour-Brightening Bio Extracts

Eye Contour Brightening Boost


  • Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes


  • Diminishes the appearance of uneven skin tone and brings back some radiance to your eyes!


  • It’s packed with plant based anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories


  • Elderberry Flower, rich effective anti-oxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols, helps reduce pigmentation of the skin around the eyes and makes it look radiant and revitalized!
How plant based skin care helped me get my glow back - Bio Extracts

What’s in my Plant Based Skin Care Vanity Bag:


  • Provide the ultimate solution for skin hydration at day and night.


  • It provides my skin with Long-lasting re-hydration and prevents trans-epidermal water-loss.
  • It’s perfect for hot climate conditions, just like summers in Italy 😉


  • Thanks to the Bio-Extracts Multi-Lamellar System, it delivers actives to the skin as they mimic the actual structure of its outer layers. It is designed to act like a hydration “patch” on the skin, restoring its barrier function and thus preventing trans-epidermal water-loss
  • It improves hydration and protecting the skin from external irritants.


  • Argan Oil, a Moroccan kernel oil which is highly hydrating and packed with essential fatty acids (such as Omega oils, linoleic acid, and oleic acid).
  • Olive Oil, a substance rich in Vitamin E and unsaturated Oleic Acid, perfect for restoring moisture and nourishing dry skin.
How plant based skin care helped me get my glow back!


  • It helps fighting and preventing skin wrinkles using the latest biotechnology methods and highly purified molecules.


  • It leaves you with a rejuvenated, firmer, more elastic and better moisturized skin. I like to use it on my neck as well.


  • This intensive serum can help release lines caused by aging.
  • It protects against skin flaccidity and dryness.


  • The Peruvian tree Tara and Green Algae, which help boost the production of dermal collagen aiming to help fight loss of elasticity. It works best when in synergy with the Bio Extracts moisturizer.


  • Enhance skin radiance and give a firmer, plumped up appearance to the skin.


  • It provides your skin with intense hydration from botanical Hyaluronic Acid.
  • You can either use it alone or add it to your foundation.
  • It prevents your skin from drying out in the heat, so it’s perfect for the summer.


  • It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to prevent further signs of premature aging.
  • It forms a protective film that helps reduce trans epidermal water loss and therefore keeps your skin moisturized for longer.
  • It boost skin self-rejuvenation.


Cassia Angustifolia or Indian Senna, used as a botanical alternative to synthetic hyaluronic acid, to help with fine line filling and intense moisture.

These are just some of the Bio Extracts products I got to try and that Irina personally selected for me, but you if take a look at their site, you’ll see they have a wide range of products and boost specific for every need.

And the cool thing about these products (especially the Boosters) is that you can customize your own specific skin care treatment according to your needs and interests. You can literally combine drops of different boosters and mix them together according to your needs, dose up to 4 shots from a combination of Boosts that target different wants, super charge your moisturizer (or make up) and target your specific skin conditions and concerns.

And did I mention it’s super fun to mix and match drops of precious plant based serum together to create your ideal mixture?

…Yes, I think I did already. But I really want you to try it too!!

Much love and glowing, happy skin!


Bio Extracts - The Best Plant Based Skin Care for Glowing Skin

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