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Maybe You Need Some Help

  • Maybe it’s that overwhelming feeling you need to deal with after you found out you have food allergies (gluten, dairy, soy, grains, nuts, leptines etc).
  • Maybe it’s that binge eating tunnel you sometimes get lost in.
  • Maybe it’s the struggles you stumble upon every time you commit to start eating healthy.
  • Maybe you just want to finally feel in control of your health, look crushingly good, feel happy and energized.
  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to try quitting sugar and processed food but somehow got distracted and found it impossible to achieve.
  • Or maybe, you are about to go Italy and need guidance on how to survive in the land of pasta & mozzarella on a gluten & dairy free diet.

I have been there.
And I know how that feels.

When facing such drastic eating & lifestyle changes, you have so much on your mind that you just want the guidance of somebody who can understand what all this means.

And because I know how hard that is, I am committed to share everything I have learnedand give you personalized, practical, down-to-earth and realistic tips to give you clarity.

By booking your one-on-one session with me, we’ll set a plan to have you reach your goals and lockdown on exactly what’s important to you.

Together, we will work through the changes and challenges you are approaching and learn how to overcome the bumps in the road.


Comprehensive interview time: I will get to know who you are, how I can help you and what your struggles are so we can address them directly together.

One-on-one Skype session(s): we dig down into your own goals and expectations and figure out strategies on how to achieve them.

Good practice development: we create your perfect routine and personalized techniques and tricks to keep you focused and inspired. We develop eating habits that are good for you and will guide towards the person you’ve always wanted to be.

If you are ready to start living a happier life, achieve your health goals or fall in love with food again after dealing with allergy restrictions…

You’re ready for a one-on-one Session with me!

Shoot me an email at
I can’t wait to meet you!!

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